Kane Brown featured on Khalid remix for "Saturday Nights"

It's SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

January 10, 2019
Khalid feat. Kane Brown "Saturday Nights" remix


If your musical preferences don't wander too far from country music, you may not know who Khalid (pronounced Kuh-Leed) is & why it's such a huge deal that Kane Brown is featured on a remix of one of his songs. An R&B singer that burst onto the scene in 2017, Khalid's success has skyrocketed, and continues to soar upwards ever since. For reference, in 2017 alone he was nominated 11x for various awards... and 23x last year! TWENTY. THREE. 

You may already be familiar with his voice if you've heard the popular Top 40 song, "Eastside," with Halsey & Benny Blanco. 

"Saturday Nights" is a song off of Khalid's debut album, "Suncity," which hasn't been released as a single... until now. A remix of the track dropped tonight at midnight tonight featuring none other than Kane Brown and will officially be a released as a single to Hot AC & Top 40 radio.  

What's extremely amusing about this wonderful collaboration is the fact that Rolling Stone unknowingly predicted something like this would happen back in October. In a review of Khalid's album, Elias Leight wrote, "On several songs, Khalid appears to be auditioning for future collaborations. “Saturday Nights” is acoustic and breezy; if he added Sam Hunt to a remix, this would be a country hit."

While slightly off on the collaborating artist, Rolling Stone was right in highlighting how the acoustic sound paired with a country vocal like Kane's could transform the song into a track that could cross genres.

Hear the remix feat. Kane Brown HERE!!!

Kane Brown and Khalid had been teasing fans with the collaboration for days:

And both the anticipation and release had fans beside themselves:

They aren't the only ones loving it -- we are too!

Khalid feat. Kane Brown "Saturday Nights" remix