Robbie Gould demands to be traded, wants to be closer to Chicago

Robbie's wife and kids still live in Chicago.

April 23, 2019
Kicker Robbie Gould #9 of the Chicago Bears gives instruction to teammate in the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field on January 3, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

It was devastating when the team released Robbie Gould back in 2016; some understood the move by the organization, while others, frustrated with years of sub-par performances by Jay Cutler, were left bewildered that the Bears' all-time leading scorer was let go.

It was a decision the team would come to regret, especially during the Bears' season-ending game in which Cody Parkey hit the uprights (twice -- double doink), an unbelievable occurance he had done numerous times throughout the season. To say that memory is still ubearably painful would be a massive understatement, but one thing is true... Chicago made its wishes known following that fateful game: we want a new kicker.

Bears fans are passionate & let's just say that being someone named "Cody Parkey" living in Chicago in the weeks following that game, wasn't pretty. So no one was surprised when Cody Parkey was let go from the team... and although the roster isn't without a kicker, the team doesn't currently have a reliable, seasoned kicker...

Robbie Gould hasn't been quiet online about his love for Chicago or his interest in potentially coming back to the Bears... From raising money for Lurie Childredn's hospital to being spotted at Chicago events... Chicago and Robbie Gould just go together.

Robbie took a step closer to Chicago today with the announcement that he had pulled his proposals from his current team, the San Francisco 49ers, & stated that he wants to be traded and closer to his family. Robbie's family still lives in Chicago... So how amazing would it be to have Robbie Gould come home to Chicago?

Come back to us Robbie Gould!!!