Soldier watches daughter's birth on FaceTime after two flight delays

The first-time dad cheered his wife on from the terminal, "Push, push, push, push, push! You got it!"

May 8, 2018
Stock Photo/Man at the airport


Something so beautiful & so heartbreaking all at the same time...

An Army specialist, Brooks Lindsey was rushing home to Mississippi, from Texas after his wife called to say that his baby girl was arriving early. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it to the hospital for the birth of his first-born, after being delayed twice for "maintenance problems." 

So, sitting in the terminal at the airport, Lindsey watched his daughter Millie enter the world over FaceTime, his mom holding the phone in the delivery room. 

Lindsey recounted in an interview with CBS, his long-distance encouragement to his wife, "Push, push, push, push, push! You got it!"

Also on his delayed flight, Tracy Dover caught the beautiful & tragic moments on video.

"I'm thinking, Oh my gosh -- He's watching his baby be born on the phone and it was the most gut-wrenching, heartbreaking thing I'd ever seen," she told CBS. "When we heard the baby cry, then just that whole section that was heading to Mississippi just started cheering."