This Starbucks drink will only be available for 4 days

Toying with our hearts (tastebuds)!!!

March 20, 2018
Starbucks Frappucino

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Sometimes you need coffee to survive (me), sometimes you just enjoy it (also me) and others, getting a sweet treat is self-care after a loooooong day (week/month/year/hour).

There's about to be a new treat to tempt your tastebuds. 

BUT... it's only going to be available for 4 days (or less... "as supplies last.")

Adventure, luck or magic? What will your fortune be? ✨-- #3days #crystalballfrappuccino #starbucksdelta #starbuckscanada

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Coming this Thursday... --

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Rumor has it, the drink will be creamy, peachy, & have rock candy sprinkles. It hits stores on Thursday so grab one while you can!!! Oh -- The Crystal Ball Frappucino also apparently "made for Instagram," just like its predecessor, The Unicorn Frappucino.