Taylor Swift brought 2,000 foster & adoptive kids to her rehearsal!!

Completely free & she tried to take a photo with every kid!

May 7, 2018
Taylor Swift

SIPA Images

No one treats their fans quite like Taylor Swift does... from doing research & sending them gifts to making surprise visits to them in the hospital, she's really done it all... yet somehow, her latest act of kindess really got us in our feelings.

For her final Reputation Tour rehearsal before she takes the show on the road, she invited 2,000 kids part of the adoption & foster system to come watch... for the ENTIRE 2-hour show (**that the rest of the world has yet to see**)!!! Free of charge of course, she even spent HOURS with the kids afterwards and did her best to take a photos & sign autographs with every single one of them... Oh, did we tell you she bought them all pizza too?! 

To say the kids (and their parents) had the time of their lives would be an understatement... one grateful dad took to Twitter to say:

We love you Taylor!