There isn't anything better than this UPS driver's delivery selfies

It's like getting a present with your package

September 6, 2018
Fragile package


If you live in an apartment, you may be very familiar with delivery lockers, but if you don't....

When the thing you want but don't need finally arrives from your online shopping spree, the delivery person holds the package up in front of a camera to take a picture of the package label before putting it in a locker. The locker system then sends you an email that you have a package (*you have mail!*) with a code. When you go down to the lockers & type in the code, a locker pops open & there's your package!

Well, this delivery guy has taken a rather mundane part of the process and made it hilarious. Like, knowing these selfies are happening daily kinda makes you happy, without even seeing them. Luckily you can see them though, below!

The hero of our story:

"Is it raining outside?" Nope... I'm just sweaty.

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Ex. A of his delivery selfies:

Looking good!

But there is more, so much more... HERE.