Why we're SO excited to see Jimmie Allen and why YOU should be too

If you haven't seen these yet... well, you're missing out.

January 3, 2019
Jimmie Allen "To infinity and beyond"

Twitter/ @JimmieAllen

Jimmie Allen has sacrificed and then some to be where he is today: one of country music's most-promising & quickly rising new stars. 

When he couldn't afford rent while trying to get his start in Nashville, he lived in his car

Now? He's on top of the world & continuing to climb after the incredible success of his debut single, "Best Shot," which made it to No.1! In the span of just a year Jimmie: got a record deal, made his Grand Ole Opry debut, got his first No.1, made his national TV debut and released his debut album Mercury Lane.

Did we mention that he's just an incredibly inspirational person in general? Honestly, just take a scroll through his Twitter & you'll find messages of encouragement, pep talks and a beautiful outlook on life...

Oh -- let's not forget... HE PUTS ON AN INCREDIBLE SHOW!

Exhibit A) His national TV debut on the TODAY show. 

Exhibit B) Being invited back to the TODAY show to share another song off of his debut album.

Exhibit C) Appearing AGAIN on the TODAY show (yeah, they love him & we do too!) a week ago to introduce another new song!

We couldn't be more excited for Jimmie Allen, for everything he's achieved so far as well as all of the good that has yet to come. So, we wanted to share him with you, which is why we're bringing Jimmie to Chicago on January 23rd for our brand-new concert series, New Country Night Out!

You can snag your tickets to the show HERE or listen to WIN your way in, starting weekday mornings with Stylz & Roman at 7:40a!

Jimmie Allen "To infinity and beyond"
Twitter/ @JimmieAllen