11 Adorable Canned Wines to Sip on this Summer

Throw these into your purse and hit the beach!

May 13, 2019

Justin Sullivan / Staff


Boxed wine is so old school, bottled wine is too clunky, but a can of wine can go anywhere with you!

The latest boozy trend that's both summer-friendly and cost-effective is canned wine. 

From reds to whites to rosés, there's a variety of delicious wines you can choose from to fit your mood. 

You can even pick a wine based on the can that matches your mood best! 

Here are a few of our favorite summer recommendations. 


1. Shamps

Hate popping corks? You don't have to with Shamps! The sparkling wine hits stores May 2019 and clocks in at just 110 calories.

Drinks on the Beach just taste better! Who's with us?! #DrinkLikeAShampion

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2. Cupcake 

Cupcake wine has always been a fan favorite, but now that they're packaging it up in beautiful cans, it's a staple. Especially at festivals like Lollapalooza where you'll find plenty of these! Choose Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, or go have both!

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3. Yes Way Rosé

If you live at Target as I do, you've seen these perched up on their displays along with other Yes Way Products. Rosé in a rose gold can? You can't go wrong. 

Rosé on ice, rosé on ice. #yeswaycans

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4. Oceans Away Sparkling Pineapple Wine

The cans have pineapples on them, enough said. The pineapple wine is refreshing and will immediately transport you to a beach somewhere in Hawaii. 

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5. House Wine

House Wine can also be found at Target. It comes in a sleek white and rose gold and is perfect for keeping you cool on a warm summer day!

It may be too cold for a swim, but it's never too cold for #housewine rosé! --: @HelloIvyandEve

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6. De la Costa

Opting for something a little bit fruitier? Look no further than canned sangria. You can choose between red sangria, white sangria and best of all, rosé sangria. 

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7. Dark Horse

You've tried it out of a bottle, now see how the can's compare. The wines won't break the bank and come in rosé and pinot grigio. 

When you need to pack light, pack only the necessities.

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8. Pop + Fizz Sparkling Wine

The wine starts at $3.99 which could be the selling point alone, but it also has aromas of white flowers, candied ginger, and toffee. Sounds delicious. 

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9. Underwood

Underwood has perfected the can design by offering something for everyone. The bubbles come in a chic gold can, Pinot Noir is a black can, Pinot Gris sports a white and silver can, and Riesling Radler has a rain forest feel with a toucan on the front.

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10. Social Sparkling Wine

The Social Sparkling Wine is a Sake dubs itself as the cleanest wine with only 88 calories. It comes in various flavors like hibiscus cucumber, elderflower apple, toasted coconut almond, strawberry rosé, and grapefruit ginger. It's perfect for sharing as it comes in a 4-pack. 

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11. Pamepelonne 

Pamepelonne is a cross between your favorite La Croix and your favorite wine. Flavors include Watermelon Americano and Rosé Lime. 

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