Best and Worst Days for Holiday Travel

If you're planning on traveling this holiday season, you need to read this!

November 13, 2018

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If you're planning on traveling this holiday season, you need to read this! 

Making travel plans around the holiday season can get pretty expensive, however, there are some less-popular travel days where fares aren't as pricey.

So, what are the best and worst travel days?

Since Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, the best and cheapest travel days are limited as most people don't have the most flexible schedules with taking off work and missing school. 

That being said, the best Thanksgiving travel day is Monday, November 19th, though it might require you to take some unused vacation days. 

According to CheapAir, flying the Monday before Thanksgiving means “you can save about $40/ticket on average over flights on the day before Thanksgiving." Bonus for the reduced crowds. 


Other Good Thanksgiving Travel Days:

Sunday, November 18

Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving)

Friday, November 23

Tuesday, November 27


If you're surprised that Thanksgiving day has made the list, it's because no one wants to travel on the actual holiday. 

Prices tend to spike up the few days before Thanksgiving and the weekend after because that's when everyone wants to hit the road. 

A look at Google Flight trends reveals that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest and most expensive day to fly while the Sunday after is where you'll experience the longest lines. 

There's nothing like being home for the holidays, but it's nice to plan in advance and not overpay. 

You know what else is nice? Not to be stuck in traffic.

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics suggests packing up and leaving for your destination a few days earlier.

According to the BTS, a record number of Americans are expected to drive for the holidays with Thanksgiving Day (Nov 22.) and Friday + Saturday (23 and 24) being the most congested days.

In fact, flying is the better option this year!