A Fyre Festival Pop-Up Bar is Coming to Chicago!

Cure your Fyre Festival FOMO this May!

April 3, 2019
Fyre Festival

Craig Barritt / Stringer


Replay Lincoln Park's next pop-up inspiration is the infamous Fyre Festival! 

The people that brought you the Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the extended Game of Thrones pop-up are now putting all their efforts into bringing you the "luxury music festival" that never happened.

Festival attendees who paid thousands of dollars for tickets expected luxurious amenities along with impressive celebrity performances were met with unfulfilled promises upon arriving on the Bahamian Island of Great Exuma. 

Instead, they found dingy tents instead of domes, soaked mattresses instead of the promised comfortable beds, and cheese sandwiches in place of the gourmet meals. 

Worst of all, they were trapped there without a way to get home and madness ensued as people fought over said soaked mattress. (I definitely recommend watching the Netflix documentary.) 

According to the management at Replay, things will be better organized at their pop-up then at the Billy McFarland and Ja Rule festival. 

You can expect sand, tents, porta-potties, gourmet cheese sammies, spiked frozen drinks, and some entertainment. 

The pop-up will run from May 3 through May 19.

Make sure to check out their Game of Thrones pop-up which runs through the end of the month!