This Customized Playlist Encourages You to Vote This Midterm Election Day

Here's your "headed to the polls" playlist, Illinois!

November 5, 2018

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Music streaming company Spotify wants to encourage citizens to get out and vote this Midterm Election using the power of music!

The company put together a custom playlist catered to each U.S state and territory.

All users over the age of 18 who use the service will receive messages within the app reminding them to vote on Nov. 6! 

They'll also be able to access a playlist titled "Get Vocal, [your state here]," which features music specific and popular in that area. 

The "Get Vocal Illinois" customized playlist features Florida Georgia Line and Dan and Shay! 

The description for each playlist simply reads, "Songs uniquely popular in your state to take to the polls," with a hyperlink to, which helps you find your polling location.

If it seems like there's been an increased effort from various companies and celebrities in encouraging the public to vote, well, that's because there has been. 

It's important so please, get out there and exercise your rights! The future is in your hands. 

And don't forget to listen to their killer playlist on your way there!