Little Caesar's Giving Out Free Lunch After Historic NCAA Upset

After "crazy happened," Little Caesar's set to deliver on bold promise.

March 19, 2018

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Little Caesar's is treating March Madness fans to a free lunch! 

And all because "crazy happened."

The "crazy" obviously refers to the No. 16 seed beating the No. 1 seed in the NCAA March Madness Tournament, 74-to-54.

Prior to the game, the pizza chain made a bold promise to the Twitter-verse.

“If a #16 BEATS a #1 in men's basketball TONIGHT, you could score a @LittleCaesars Lunch Combo!” their Twitter account read. 

Six hours later, the unbelievable happened.

Fans of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, were celebrating their win over the University of Virginia, and everyone else was simply celebrating the promise of a free lunch. 

You can score your free "$5-dollar lunch combo" on Monday, April 2nd. 

Pizza, pizza.