Popularity Contest - These Are The Most Popular Dog Names of 2018

Gone to the dogs!

December 6, 2018

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This year has gone to the dogs. 

Rover.com released a list of the top female and male dog names of 2019. 

Since our world is heavily influenced by Hollywood and pop-culture, it's no surprise that many A-list names made the list. 

Bella, Lucy and Luna were the top three female pup names while Max, Charlie and Cooper topped the male list. 

The service analyzed over one million pooch names to get an accurate list.

In addition to the Hollywood appeal, they found 36 percent of pups had human names. But are we really surprised?

We're a generation that treats dogs more like family. 

Pups are our babies, so deal with it! 


Top Male Dog Names

1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Cooper
4. Buddy
5. Jack
6. Rocky
7. Duke
8. Bear
9. Tucker
10. Oliver

Top 10 Female Dog Names

1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Luna
4. Daisy
5. Lola
6. Sadie
7. Molly
8. Bailey
9. Maggie
10. Stella