Ugly Weather Is Coming For Us All... Plus More Snow

It isn't over... it's never going to be over!

April 3, 2018

It isn't over... it's never going to be over! 

Winter storm warnings are in effect from Montana through South Dakota, southern Minnesota and northern Iowa across much of Wisconsin into Michigan today. The expected snow totals range from 4 to 12-inches. 

Travel to those areas will obviously be impacted. For us in Chicago, we're gearing up for something a bit different.

The weather is already gloomy and we'll likely experience more thunderstorms today, followed by much colder air and eventually, snow. 

You can read all about it here from the weather gurus, or you can be like me and curl up on the bed and watch Step-Up to remind yourself of the good old day when Channing and Jenna were together and you believed in love.