Morgan Evans Saw Snoop Dogg During One Of His First Times In Chicago

June 21, 2019

That's right, Saturday is for the Australians!!! 

Morgan Evans has already gained a lot of success in America in a very short period of time, with two amazing singles, "Kiss Somebody," and "Day Drunk." The latter being his current single, we just have a feeling it's going to be an anthem of sorts this weekend at LakeShake. 

Morgan Evans just announced June 17 the extension of his World Tour 2019 to North America, due to the success of "Day Drunk." The 12 added dates include a stop in Chicago at Joe's Bar on Dec. 13. Tickets are on sale now

Speaking of Chicago, Morgan Evans played Conversation Jenga at Lakeshake and was asked what his favorite thing about Chicago is?

"For some reason this is the town I came to more than any other town when I first started getting my first shows when I moved here four years ago," he said. "So I would drive up here, I bought an old Ford F150 when I moved here, I called it my American Dream truck, and so I was driving up here and we were playing a show in Milwaukee and one of my friends from Australia was traveling around America and they were like 'where do we go?' and I said 'well I went to Chicago last week, it was awesome. If you go there, I'll meet you there on the way back' and so I met them here and we all went out and we ended up with this crew of people and they were like 'man come to this club' and I'm not really a club guy...Snoop Dogg is DJing at this club, so I was like 'I'll see that' and we ended up upstairs at some nightclub watching Snoop Dogg DJ.

"I'm an Australian in Chicago and I'm like yeah, Chicago is pretty cool."

You can purchase Morgan Evans' latest album, Things That We Drink To, to prepare for the show here.