Brett Eldedge

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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Kim From Schaumburg Wants That $$ To Go Shopping At Woodfield!

July 9, 2018

You could do a lot of damage with $300 bucks at Woodfield Mall!

That's where Kim from Schaumburg said she was headed if she picked up a win in Roman's College of Country Knowledge!

No matter where you want to spend the money in the rolling jackpot, email to play!

Today's Questions: 

1. Brett Eldredge says that the first thing he does in the morning is take his dog outside.  What is his dog’s name? (Edgar)

2. Kenny Chesney says he showers three times every day because he can't stand to be sticky and prefers a good body wash to a hard bar of soap.  What Chicago venue is Chesney playing at the end of July? (Soldier Field)

3. Jason Aldean actually turned down a scholarship to play this sport so he could pursue his music career.  What sport was it? (Baseball)

4. Chris Young has just added a bunch of new tour dates….including ones in Milwaukee and downstate Champaign.  What is the name of his current tour? (The Losing Sleep Tour)

5. Which two members of Little Big Town are married to each other? (Karen and Jimi)