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What Singer Named An Album After The Year She Was Born?

April 9, 2019

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Today's Questions: 

1.  This singer was born on December 13, 1989 and even named one of her albums after the year she was born.  What singer is it? (Taylor Swift)

2.  This singer joked on social media that her son nicknamed her "Carefree Underwear.'  Who is it?  (Carrie Underwood)

3.  Chris Stapleton is working with Pink on her new album.  This isn't the first time that Pink had dabbled in country.  She did the song "Setting The Night On Fire" with what singer?  (Kenny Chesney)

4.  Kellie Pickler's talk show "Pickler and Ben" has been cancelled but will continue to air until September.  Pickler has appeared on two reality show competitions.  What are they? (American Idol and Dancing With The Stars)

5.  Even though she's no longer married to Brandon Blackstock's father, Reba McEntire says she still considers this singer family.  Who is it? (Kelly Clarkson)