Would you try lobster ice cream?

August 11, 2020




According to the Ben & Bill’s website, lobster ice cream was invented at the store’s first location in Bar Harbor, Maine, in 1988 as proof that Ben and Bill really did make all of their ice cream in-house. There’s also a rumor that it came from a dare: someone observed that they had every flavor but lobster, and one of the owners responded, “Come back tomorrow.” Now it’s a staple at all three Ben & Bill’s shops (the third is on Cape Cod). The Bar Harbor location alone goes through more than 100 gallons a year.

The recipe for lobster ice cream is simple: take two gallons of truly excellent butter-flavored ice cream, mix in 1.5 pounds of cooked lobster meat bought from local fishermen, and leave to freeze until totally set. The result is ice cream that has pretty substantial chunks of red knuckle and claw meat, easily visible when you’re handed your order.