'66*SN': Seaforth Renames US*99 After Tom Receives Birthday Gift

June 25, 2019

When we found out Tom Jordan from Seaforth was celebrating a birthday on Saturday at Lakeshake, we decided we needed to get him a gift. And what better gift than a US*99 koozie!

Kasper, US*99’s afternoon host, started his interview with the musical duo, addressing the birthday and singing Happy Birthday to Tom. He then presented the US*99 gift.

“We do have a gift. We all kind of chipped in and got you probably the best gift of all time – a US*99 koozie,” Kasper said, to kick off the joke.

Tom returned the humor.

“Oh my god, this is amazing,” Tom said, as he jokingly put it on his hand, pretending it was a glove. “Is this what I do?”

The real joke came when Mitch read the upside down koozie, “66SN.”

“Thank you for my 66SN glove,” Tom laughed. “I am going skiing next week.”

66*SN is my new favorite station. @weareseaforth’s new favorite too! • **yes we did this on purpose** • #lakeshake #lakeshakefest #us99 #66sn #radiofam

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“It looks like you’ve had a bad burn and you are trying to fix your hand or something,” Mitch said.


In all seriousness though, Tom was thankful and immediately put the koozie on his cup.

Tom and Mitch have been friends for 20 years as they grew up together in a suburb of Seaforth, Australia. Their life paths crossed again when they found themselves both living in Nashville and decided to team up to form Seaforth.