Maddie and Tae

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It's Justin VS. Juston in Roman's College of Country Knowledge!

A Justin Was Going To Win Either Way!

April 26, 2018

It was the battle of Justin's on Roman's College of Country Knowledge!

Roman's opponent Justin was going for $450 bucks today, did he walk away with a stack of cash?

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Today's Questions:

1. Robert James Ritchie is joining Brantley Gildbert on tour this summer.  Who is Ritchie better known as? (Kid Rock)

2. Jason Aldean just released his new album called ‘Rearview Town.”  Aldean’s current wife Britney was a former contestant on what reality singing competition? (American Idol)

3. Maddie and Tae say their new album will focus on heartbreak.  The duo had a previous hit singing about girls in a……………WHAT? (Country Song)

4. Sam Hunt was nowhere to be found at the ACM Awards….but he had a good reason.  Where was he instead? (In a friends wedding)

5. Taylor Swift is featured on Sugarland’s new song “Babe.”  What is Taylor’s middle name? (Alison)