SNR and Maren


Maren Morris "I'm Nervous About My New Album"

She Checks In With Stylz & Roman Before Saturday's Show At The Riv!

March 8, 2019

So does Maren Morris get nervous about her new album "Girl" dropping?

"Yes, Maren Morris gets nervous" she joked with Stylz and Roman.

She'll open her tour tomorrow night at The Riv and she's excited about it because she's never played that venue before!

She's also excited to play LakeShake in a couple of months with Friday being only ladies!

She explained to Stylz and Roman why thats important and what it means to her!

Maren Morris even played the :15 Second Frenzy with the guys!

Since LakeShake happens right next to Lake Michigan, they asked her to name as many lakes as she could in 15 seconds?

Does Lake In The Hills or Lake Zurich count?