Roman's College of CHICAGO BEARS Knowledge

It's A Bears Themed Edition In Honor of Sunday's Playoff Game!

January 4, 2019

Cassidy from the 219 stepped in to Roman's College of Country Knowledge, but today was a little different.

Instead of COUNTRY KNOWLEDGE, Stylz and Roman asked CHICAGO BEARS themed country questions instead!

The Bears play the Philadelphia Eagles in their first playoff game in why wouldn't they?

Email for your chance to hit the field and play Roman!

Today's Questions:

1. Not only did the 1985 Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl…but they also had a hit song.  What was that song called? (The Super Bowl Shuffle)

2. Zach Miller of the Chicago Bears is a HUGE Sam Hunt fan.  He probably even knows the name of Hunt’s debut studio album.  What was it called? (Montavello)

3. Former Chicago Bear Quarterback Jay Cutler is a big fan of country music.  What was Cutler’s jersey number when he played for the Bears? (Six)

4. Soldier Field is the home of the Chicago Bears, but also hosts concerts in the stadium.  Last summer this artist brought his “Trip Around The Sun Tour” there.  Who was it?  (Kenny Chesney)

5. Russell Dickerson’s wife is from Wisconsin and is a Green Bay Packers fan.  As Bear’s fans, we should probably hold that against him, but we won’t.  What is her name?  (Kailey)