Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Daria From Downers Grove Faces Off With Roman

March 2, 2018
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Daria from Downers Grove

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Daria from Downers Grove had help from her daughter Elizabeth on Roman's College of Country Knowledge.

Did that help her topple Roman this morning?

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Today's Questions and Anwsers: 

1.This singer has extended his “Losing Sleep” tour and will be joined by Kane Brown and Morgan Evans for the new dates.  Whose tour is it? (Chris Young)

2. Luke Combs says that he’s a hardcore fan of this “Anchorman” and “Old School” star and would love to have him in one of his videos.  What actor is it? (Will Ferrell) 

3. This singer says he wasn’t enthralled with the song “Craving You” the first time it was brought to him, but eventually warmed up to it.  Whose song is it? (Thomas Rhett)

4. Carrie Underwood recently donated ten thousand dollars to help an injured police officer in her home state.  What state is Underwood from? (Oklahoma)

5. Devin Dawson says three John’s inspired him to get into music…John Fogerty, John Mayer and this country music legend known for songs like "I Walk the Line" and "Ring of Fire.”  Who is it? (Johnny Cash)