Star Trek


Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Has Kathleen Study Up Enough To Win?

August 9, 2018

Who wouldve have thought that Star Treak, Brad Paisley and country music woul all collide in a question in Roman's College of Country Knowledge?

Well, it happened?

While checking out how in the audio below, email for your opportunity to play!

Today's Questions:

1. When Brad Paisley is in LA and is looking for someone to watch football with, he says he often calls actor William Shatner.  What role did Shatner play on the original Star Trek series? (Captain Kirk)

2. Sam Hunt’s debut album was history making because it made him the first artist to have four #1 hits from their debut album.  What was the name of that album? (Montavello)

3. Taylor Swift and this former American Idol contestant….who also happens to be from Chicago….have been cast in a movie version of the musical “Cats.” What former Idol is she acting alongside? (Jennifer Hudson)

4. Evan Felker’s estranged wife claims that Miranda Lambert keeps calling her.  Felker is the lead singer of what group? (Turnpike Troubadours)

5. The Dixie Chicks are back in the studio and are working with a producer that previously worked with Taylor Swift.  Name one of the members of The Dixie Chicks… (Natalie Maines, Emily Robison or Martie Maguire)