Graduate With Money


Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What Does Roman's Opponent, Hector, Want To Spent That Rolling Jackpot On?

August 20, 2018

Hector from Lombard hopes to win the money in the rolling jackpot so he can buy his daughter some school clothes.

But first, he needs to take down Roman in the College of Country Knowledge!

That cash could be yours if you email!

Today's Questions:

1. This singer’s fans have been nicknamed Carrie’s Care Bears.  What singer is it? (Carrie Underwood)

2. This group says that they were surprised that “Written In The Sand” became as big of a hit as it did because it was such a departure from what they normally do.  What group’s song is this? (Old Dominion)

3. A trailer belonging to this group got stolen but the joke was on the thieves because all that was inside was two old kid bikes, 1 scooter, a baby pool and a unicorn float.  What group was it? (Little Big Town)

4. Dolly Parton just announced a 37-million-dollar expansion project for her Dollywood theme park.  In what Tennessee city will you find Dollywood? (Pigeon Forge)

5. “Friends In Low Places” could have been a hit for George Strait but he turned it down.  Garth Brooks ended up recording the song instead.  What Garth album is that song on? (No Fences)