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August 23, 2018

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Today's Questions:

1. Nicole Kidman posted a pic the other day of her hubby recording a song while sitting in the bathroom.  Who is she married to? (Keith Urban)

2. Preston Burst posted a picture of his newborn son to social media….a baby that he and his wife named Legendary Wilde.  What group is Burst a part of? (LOCASH)

3. This singer says he’s been getting Skittles and Whiskey in the mail from fans, but no wedding presents yet.  Who is this soon to be married singer? (Brett Young)

4. An 18 wheeler carrying Granger Smith equipment overturned the other day and thankfully no one was hurt.  What is the name of Granger’s alter ego? (Earl Dibbles Junior)

5. Lead vocalist Gary LeVox did not want guitar player Joe Don Rooney to play with this band originally because he wasn’t sure that he could keep up.  Obviously he changed his mind.  What group are both a part of? (Rascal Flatts)