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What 80's Rocker Was Taylor Swift Hanging Out With Recently?

August 27, 2018
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Today's Questions:

1. Taylor Swift surprised fans at a recent show in Toronto by bringing out this 80’s rocker.  They sang this singer’s hit “Summer of ’69.”  What 80’s singer was it? (Bryan Adams)

2. Runaway June is one of the opening acts announced for Carrie Underwood’s 2019 tour.  What other girl group is on that tour? (Maddie and Tae)

3. Bebe Rexha says she enlisted Dolly Parton’s hat maker for the cowboy hat she wore at CMA Fest.  Who did she perform with on that show? (FGL)

4. This singer says that trying to keep up the look of fictional artist Chris Gaines was just too much work and that was part of the reason it failed.  What singer’s alter ego was named Chris Gaines? (Garth Brooks)

5. Even though her tour kicks off in the Spring of 2019….Carrie Underwood won’t make a stop in Chicago until what month of next year? (October)