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Luke and Sam (and The Rolling Jackpot) Was On The Line!

August 29, 2018

What judge on the TV show "The Voice" was accussed of having an "Oklahoma Stank" to him?

It was Roman vs Tasha in Roman's Collge of Country Knowledge!

Who walked out with the win?

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Today's Questions:

1. Kasey Musgraves and Reese Witherspoon recently did an interview discussing the struggles of women in country music.  Witherspoon once played the role of June Carter Cash.  Who was June married to? (Johnny Cash)

2. This “Criminal” singer just shared pics of her new ink on social media.  The tattoo is of two arrows on her ribcage.  What singer is this? (Lindsey Ell)

3. Kenny Chesney is breaking more attendance records.  He packed a record number of fans into Met Life stadium….which is located in what state? (New Jersey)

4. Adam Levine joked that this fellow “Voice” judge smells like “Oklahoma Stank.”  Who is he talking about? (Blake Shelton)

5. Carrie Underwood says that being a mom of two is going to be a whole different ball game. How old is Carrie? (35)