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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jackie From The 219 Is Today's Contestant

March 22, 2018

Jackie from Portage thought she had what it takes to end Roman's current winning streak in the College of Country Knowledge.

Did she?

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Today's Questions:

1. Rumors of Blake Shelton and his girlfriend being on the verge of getting married seem to be untrue.  Who is Blake dating? (Gwen Stefani)

2. Country music legend Charlie Daniels had to cancel a recent show because of illness. What Daniels’ song was all about a boy named Johnny and Satan battling each other with dueling fiddles? (The Devil Went Down To Georgia)

3. Reba McEntire says she’d be totally down to do a reboot of her Reba TV show.  Reba’s been all over TV in a fast food commercial playing what character? (Colonel Sanders)

4. Hootie and The Blowfish are reuniting for an upcoming Jason Aldean show in Atlanta.  Who is the lead singer of Hootie? (Darius Rucker)

5. An American Idol contestant that was kissed by judge Katy Perry is now slamming her for doing it.  Which of the other two judges on the show asked if he’d ever kissed a girl and liked it? (Luke Bryan)