Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did Roman Return From Vacation With A Win?

September 17, 2018


After a week off, Roman returned to the College of Country Knowledge.

Did his week off, help or hurt him?

Take a listen, study up and then email to play!

Today's Questions: 

1. Maren Morris sang the song “Natural Woman” as a tribute to this singer at a recent show in Las Vegas.  Who was the tribute for? (Aretha Franklin)

2. Garth Brooks is playing at Notre Dame in October.  What city is the Notre Dame stadium located in? (South Bend, Indiana)

3. Sugarland mentioned that many of the ideas in their music video for the song “Babe” weren’t theirs, they were actually this person’s.  Who were they talking about? (Taylor Swift)

4. This singer wove references to 22 different 90’s country songs in his new song “90s Country.”  Who is he? (Walker Hayes)

5. Leann Rimes version of this song spent a then record-breaking 69 weeks on the charts and 32 weeks on in the top ten alone, which was also a record back in 1997.  What song was it? (How Do I Live)