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What Country Singer Once Did An R & B Album?

October 2, 2018

Lauren from Geneva wants to take her boyfriend to Chris Stapleton this weekend.

But to do that, she needs to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge and win the money in the rolling jackpot!

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Today's Questions:

1. Even though he’s primarily know for country music now-a-days, this singer actually released an R and B album in the early 2000’s.  Who is he? (Darius Rucker)

2. Brett Young says he will 100% cry when he gets married to fiancée Taylor Mills in November.  While you think of most country music singers as being from the South, Brett is actually from this West coast state… (california)

3. Alan Jackson had to cancel a recent series of shows in the Carolinas after this hurricane came through.  What was the name of the hurricane? (Hurricane Florence)

4. This singer says that if she has any regrets about the western style music video that she did for her song “Rich” is that she thinks her hubby Ryan looks better in it than she does.  Who is she? (Maren Morris)

5. This Little Big Town song holds the record for the longest stay atop Billboard‘s country charts by a group. Can you name the band’s 13-week #1 from 2015? (Girl Crush)