Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What Question Caused A Problem For Both Roman & Opponent Nicole!

October 4, 2018

Both Roman and his opponent, Nicole from South Elgin, both stumbled on a question about the name of Eric Church's fan club.

Do you know what the name of Eric Church's fan club?

If you think you know that and all country knowledge in general, email Mornings@US99.com.

Today's Questions:

1. Darius Rucker, Chris Young and Cam are all taking part in a PBS special that will honor the late Ray Charles.  Which of those three would you be most likely to find out on the golf course with Lady A’s Charles Kelley? (Darius Rucker)

2. Chris Young surprised fans at a recent Nashville show by bringing this Nationwide Insurance spokesperson on stage to perform with him.  Who was it? (Brad Paisley)

3. Which member of Dan and Shay took a tumble while performing in California a couple of weeks ago? (Dan)

4. Eric Church’s upcoming Double Down tour will play back to back nights in 19 cities, including 2 dates at the Allstate Arena in March.  His fan club members will get first shot at tickets.  What is the name of his fan club? (Church Choir)

5. Carrie Underwood received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the other day and joked that who would think that a girl from what state would end up with that kind of honor.  What state was she referring to? (Oklahoma)