Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Do You Know Who Dan and Shay's "Love Story" Is About?

October 12, 2018
Diploma and Money


Angela from Frankfort studied up and was ready to face down Roman in his College of Country Knowledge!

$1150 was in the rolling jackpot, but over 400 people have tried and failed.

Did she do any better?

Spend your weekend hitting the books and then email Mornings@US99 to play!

Today's Questions:

1. The two artist’s behind the song “Speechless” say it’s a true look into their love stories with their wives.  Who are those two artists? (Dan and Shay)

2. Brandon Lancaster, Tripp Howell, Eric Steedly, Chandler Baldwin and Jared Hampton say their expanding their Hallelujah Nights Tour and will even play a couple of shows in Chicago in January.  What is their band name? (LANCO)

3. Cannan Smith is set to be the opener for this group, who start a Las Vegas residency in December.  That group is named after to Southern states that border each other.  Who are they? (Florida Georgia Line)

4. Maren Morris just celebrated just celebrated her ‘Half-iversary’ with hubby Ryan Hurd.  The two got married this past March.  What city did they get married in? (Nashville)

5. Taylor Swift’s current album Reputation has been a HUGE seller…including over a million copies in the first week alone.  How many albums total has Swift released? (Six)