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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jeni From Prospect Heights Thinks She's Studied Enough To Graduate!

October 16, 2018

Jeni from Prospect Heights wants to see a whole bunch of concerts coming up, but doesn't have the cash!

That's where the rolling jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge comes in!

Did she study enough to graduate and grab that cash?

Want to play? Email Mornings@US99.com!

Today's Questions:

1. Jennifer Nettles and Kristin Bush of Sugarland both tried singles careers before reuniting.  Currently Steven Tyler is making a go at it as a solo country star.  What group is he most famous for being a part of? (Aerosmith)

2. This song, which features the lyrics “Well it was down some street we couldn't even pronounce….We were smoking a little from a half an ounce…..Tequila was cheap but the flow we were feeling was real”, spent several weeks atop the country charts.  What song is it? (Hotel Key)

3. Carly Pearce says she’s being overrun with wine that’s being sent to her buy fans.  What Carly song references her love of this type of alcohol? (Hide The Wine)

4. Tim McGraw has been making hits for well over two decades.  He scored his first #1 in 1994 with this song from his Not a Moment Too Soon album. Can you name it? (Don't Take The Girl)

5. The Zac Brown Band will help Mickey Mouse celebrate his 90th birthday during a 2-hour TV special this November on ABC.  They’ll perform “Bear Necessities” which is from what Disney film? (The Jungle Book)