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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Who Studied Up And Was Ready For This Test?

October 19, 2018

Jamie is from Cicero and joked that if she graduated from Roman's College of Country Knowledge she'd be the richest person in Cicero!


Because $1400 bucks is currently sitting in the rolling jackpot!

But you have to enroll to play, so email Mornings@US99.com.

Today's Questions:

1. This Texas born singer jumped on stage and performed the song “The Middle” during Taylor Swift’s concert stop in Dallas recently.  Who was it? (Maren Morris) 

2. Michael Ray flew over 600 miles to surprise his girlfriend at a recent show.  She didn’t know he was going to be there.  Who is Michael’s girlfriend? (Carly Pearce)

3. Thomas Rhett says he’s totally cool with sharing his family over social media.  What is the name of Rhett’s wife and two daughters? (Laurenis his wife...Willa Gray and Ada James are his daughters)

4. What is the opening line of “Friends In Low Places”? (“Blame it all on my roots….")

5. What classic country singer sang “The Good Ole Boys”, which was the theme song to “The Dukes Of Hazard” TV show? (Waylon Jennings)