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Is Plainfield Known For It's Country Knowledge?

October 24, 2018
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Do you know Dan from Dan and Shay's last name? How many 90's songs Walker Hayes was able to work into a song?

Brandon thought he did.  

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Today's Questions:

1. Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Little Big Town and Darius Rucker are all rumored to be a part of “50thAnniversary of Elvis’ Comeback Special” that airs on NBC next month.  The show was taped on the same soundstage as the show Blake is a judge on.  What show is it? (The Voice)

2. If you weren’t one of the 85 thousand people that got tickets, don’t worry.  CBS is planning on airing this singer’s concert from Notre Dame on December 2nd.  Whose concert will they be airing? (Garth Brooks)

3. Jay DeMarcus is planning on releasing his memoir next April.  It’s titled “Shotgun Angels.”  What group is he a part of? (Rascal Flatts)

4. Dan and Shay joked that the secret to their success may be Dan’s new hairdo.  What is Dan from Dan and Shay’s last name? (Smyers)

5. Walker Hayes says his song “90’s Country” is a throwback to a time that influenced his life and career.  How many 90’s references are there in his new song? (22)