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The Rolling Jackpot has Hit A Record Amount!

October 25, 2018

Roman's College of Country Knowledge's rolling jackpot has never been bigger!

It currently sits at $1600 and thats the biggest it's ever been!

Theresa from Lowell, Indiana wanted that cash, but did she have the country know-how to do it?

If you do, email for your chance to graduate with honors.....and some cash too!

Today's Questions: 

1. Kane Brown and new wife Kaelyn Jae recently got married.  The wedding happened in front of about 200 people just outside what Tennessee city? (Nashville)

2. What Hollywood actress can you hear singing backup vocals on the Keith Urban song “Female”? (Nicole Kidman)

3. Guitar maker Fender says that half of the new guitarist out there are women.  This singer, known for songs like “Criminal”, would probably be considered one of those people.  Who is she? (Lindsey Ell)

4. Tyler Hubbard has a new elephant tattoo after taking what he called a very meaningful trip to Africa.  The next trip he’ll probably make is to Las Vegas where FGL will start a residency.  What month does that residency start? (December)

5. Tim McGraw posted a pic of his foot in a heavy boot because of two stress fractures in his foot that he says are from too much spear fishing and beach volleyball.  How old is Tim McGraw? (51)