Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did Katie Win The New Rolling Jackpot?

March 27, 2018

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How many tacos could you buy on Taco Tuesday with $150?

Katie tried to find out this morning in Roman's College of Country Knowledge with the new rolling jackpot!

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Today's Questions:

1. Before his music career took off, Chris Stapleton used to work at Papa John’s Pizza. Stapleton just earned his first #1 with what song? (Broken Halos)

2. Lauren Alaina joined Cole Swindell on stage at a recent show to do a cover of the song “Purple Rain.” Who originally did that song? (Prince)

3. This country music legend and marijuana advocate has worked as a cotton picker, saddle maker, disc jockey and vacuum cleaner salesman.  Who is he? (Willie Nelson)

4. George Strait is third only to Elvis Presley and The Beatles with the most gold and platinum albums in the history of music.  What is Strait’s royal nickname? (King George)

5. Taylor Swift’s second album Fearless topped the charts for eleven non-consecutive weeks, setting all kinds of records at the time.  What is Taylor’s Mom’s name? (Andrea)