Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What Would Listener Nick Spend That Rolling Jackpot On?

November 9, 2018


Nick is from Elmwood Park and joked that if he won the rolling jackpot (which is at $2150) that his wife would spend it.

Seriously, though, he plans on taking his family to Disney World if he wins.

But he has to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge first, and very few do!

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Today's Questions:

1. Luke Bryan and his two fellow judges on American Idol showed up on a recent episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan dressed up in animal costumes.  Who are two other judges? (Katie Perry and Lionel Richie)

2. Thomas Rhett is teaming up with Crown Royal to benefit U.S. servicemen and women stationed overseas.  Crown Royal is a famous alcohol maker.  What kind of alcohol are they famous for? (Whiskey)

3. This singer had a pretty good October.  He got married to girlfriend Katelyn Jae on October 12th and celebrated his 25th birthday on the 21st.  Who is he? (Kane Brown)

4. Brad Paisley says that if it wasn’t for his grandfather, he never would have picked up a guitar and learned to play.  What state was Paisley born in? (West Virginia)

5. Tim McGraw announced that he’s playing Notre Dame next April.  He won’t be playing in the stadium though, like this artist, who played there in October.  Which artist was it? (Garth Brooks)