Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Could You Go 5 for 5 Like Roman and His Opponent Both Did?

December 4, 2018

Kristen from Naperville went 5 for 5 today.

But then again, so did Roman!

Ties, though, go to Roman!

Think you have the knowledge to do the same? 


Today's Questions:

1. Dates in the United Kingdom have been announced for the “Losing Sleep” World Tour.  Who is headlining those shows? (Chris Young)

2. Shania Twain admitted in a recent interview that she’s peed herself more than once while performing.  Twain is not American, but instead calls this country home.  What is it? (Canada)

3. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman just sold their 5,086-square-foot, four bedroom home in Franklin, Tennessee for $2.7 million.  Franklin is about 30 minutes outside what famous Tennessee city? (Nashville)

4. Jason Aldean’s wife is really busy.  Not only is she pregnant with her second child, but she’s also launching her own clothing line.  What is her name? (britney)

5. This singer’s new album “Experiment” set a new Apple Music record by racking up a remarkable  2.5 million streams in one day.  Whose album was it? (Kane Brown)