Roman's College of Country Knowledge

$650 Is Currently Sitting In The Rolling Jackpot!

January 9, 2019

Anna from Glenview has some redecorating that she wants to do and the $650 in the rolling jackpot would have really helped.

We say WOULD HAVE because Anna only scored one right in today's Roman's College of Country Knowledge!

Email Mornings@US99.com if you think that your record would be better than one out of five!

Today's Questions: 

1. What group had a crossover hit with the song "Need You Now"? (Lady Antebellum)

2. Sometimes even country music marriages can be short lived.  There was Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellwegger.  There was also Lyle Loveitt and WHO? (Julia Roberts)

3.  This singer has a new film and album coming out.  Both are titled "Magnolia." Whose album was it? (Randy Houser)

4.  Jake Owen's daughter played guitar on stage during one of his recent shows.  What is his daughter's name? (Pearl)

5. Luke Combs has added six new tour dates.  What is the name of his current tour? (Beer Never Broke My Heart)