Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What Questions Did From St. John Stumble On?

January 11, 2019

Sometimes people stumble when they play Roman's College of Country Knowledge.

For Gina from St. John, today was one of those days...

She only got 2 out of 5 questions right.  Ouch!

If you went 5 for 5 playing along, email to play!

Today's Questions:

1.  Brian Kelley and his wife Britney renewed their wedding vows during their most recent anniversary.  What group is Kelley a part of? (FGL)

2. Brett Eldredge isn’t just passionate about singing, he says he’d like to get into acting as well.  Maybe Eldredge’s dog will get into acting as well.  What’s his dog’s name? (Edgar)

3. Carrie Underwood was named one of People Magazine’s 25 Most Intriguing People of 2018. She was the only country star featured on the list.  What year did Carrie win American Idol….2003…2005….or 2007? (2005)

4. Little Big Town performed "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves" with the song’s original artist at the Kennedy Center Honors show last month.  Who were they performing with? (Cher)

5. Kelly Clarkson says that any weight she put on during the holidays was totally worth it.  What is the name of Clarkson’s husband? (Brandon Blackstock)