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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

A Thousand Dollars Was On The Line!

January 18, 2019

Lisa from New Lenox has a thousand reason to compete in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today.

That's because that's how much is currently sitting in the rolling jackpot....$1000!

If that wasn't pressure enough, these questions were pretty hard as well!

Think you can graduate? Email!

Today's Questions:

1. This singer says that the success of his song “Take It From Me” is even sweeter because he worked on it with his brother Jacob Davis.  Who is he? (Jordan Davis)

2. Wonder why the song "Down to the Honkytonk" gets stuck in your head?.  This artist says it’s simple: It’s an "earworm."  Who sings that song? (Jake Owen)

3. Right now he probably doesn’t want you to “Buy Him A Boat”, he wants someone to return his stolen Fender guitar.  Who is he? (Chris Janson)

4. This classic country singer, songwriter, author, poet, actor, activist and marijuana advocated will turn 86 in April.  Who is he? (Willie Nelson)

5. It was Twitter that connected Charlie Puth and these two artists, whose last names are Smyers and Mooney, to possibly write some songs together.  Who are the two artists? (Dan and Shay)