Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did You Know Chase Rice Competed On Survivor?

February 1, 2019

Trisha is from Sandwich and Stylz and Roman joked that the money in today's rolling jackpot could buy a whole lot of sandwiches.

Trisha was battling it out in Roman's College of Country Knowledge to try and win $1450!

Whether it's sandwiches or something else you want to spend that cash on, you first have to email Mornings@US99.com to play!

Today's Questions:

1.  Not only is Downtown Dead, but so is his social media. This singer hasnt posted anything in nearly six months.  Who is he? (Sam Hunt)

2.  Before they did "Drowns The Whiskey", Jason Aldean pitched a different song to this artist, but she wasn't feeling it.  Who is it? (Miranda Lambert)

3.  Jason Aldean posted pics of his upcoming baby's nursery on social media recently.  He and his wife have already picked out a name for the baby.  What is it? (Navy)

4.  Jake Owen's new song is called "Down At The Honky Tonk."  What is a honky tonk? (A country bar)

5.  Chase Rice is headed out on tour, but the closest he will get is Milwaukee.  Chase was once on a reality series.  What show was it? (Survivor)