Roman's College of Country Knowledge

The Unthinkable Happened! Roman Lost!

February 5, 2019


It's been a long time since Roman lost.

But this morning Natalie from Lombard did what very few have, she graduated from Roman's College of Country Knowledge.

What question cost him the match?

Take a listen and then email to enroll!

Today's Questions:

1. This classic country singer and "9 to 5" actress recently celebrated her 73rd birthday.  Who is she? (Dolly Parton)

2. Carrie Underwood now has two new mouths to feed.  One is her new baby, the other is a....WHAT? (A puppy)

3. Maren Morris says she expected maybe one nomination, but not the five that she's up for at this upcoming awards show.  What award show is it? (The Grammy Awards)

4. Cole Swindell is one of the opening acts on the "Sunset Repeat Tour."  Whose tour is it? (Luke Bryan)

5. This singer and fiancee Alex Hopkins just called off their engagment.  Who is it? (Lauren Alaina)