Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Oh No! Roman Lost For The Second Time In A Week!

February 7, 2019

So, the unthinkable happened again today!

Roman lost for the second time in just about a week!

Don't feel that bad for him though, his record still stands at 498 wins and 39 losses.

Email Mornings@US99.com if you think you can add another loss to his record!

Today's Questions:

1. Jason Aldean and his wife Britney just had a baby.  Was it a boy or a girl? (Girl)

2. This Texas born American Idol winner worked at Subway, Papa Johns and Six Flags before hitting it big in music.  Who is she? (Kelly Clarkson)

3. Miranda Lambert's charity is working with a group that offers people pet insurance.  What is the name of her charity? (MuttNation)

4. Jake Owen just landed his first acting role in a movie called "Best Friends."  What warm souther state was Owen born in? (Florida)

5. This singer's albums "Sinners Like Me" "Carolina" and others are being re-released on vinyl.  What singer is it? (Eric Church)