Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Does Roman Get Back On The Winning Track After Yet Another Loss?

February 8, 2019

The rolling jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge is back at $100 after Roman lost yet again!

Did he get back on the winning track?

Take a listen to see if he headed into the weekend back on the winning track.

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Today's Questions:

1. Keith Urban loves his wife's new movie "Upside."  Who is he married to? (Nicole Kidman)

2. Martina McBride played one of the pre-parties before the most recent Super Bowl.  Where did the Super Bowl take place? (Atlanta)

3. This singer posted a video of his daughter Ada James playing in a cardboard box instead of the toy that came in it on social media.  Who is he? (Thomas Rhett)

4. Jason Aldean's wife just had a baby and says that he's now done having children.  What is his new daughter's name? (Navy)

5. This singer bought the opening acts on his "Life Is What You Make It"  tour golf carts.  Those acts were Chris Janson and Jordan Davis.  Whose tour is it? (Jake Owen)