Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Will This Be Win #501 For Roman?

February 12, 2019
Cap Gown Diploma


Its a 2-1-9 themed edition of Roman's College of Country Knowledge!

Kara tried her best to stop Roman from gaining win #501?

It's a college that everyone is accepted in to, but you need to email first!

Today's Questions:

1. Darius Rucker has been named the PGA Tours first tour ambassador.  What sport is the PGA connected with? (Golf)

2. Morgan Evan isn't just topping the charts in the US, but in his home country as well.  Where is he from? (Australia)

3. Michael Ray's upcoming tour has a stop in Rosemont.  Where is he playing at? (Joe's Live)

4. This "Fix A Drink" and "Drunk Girl" singer actually wrote a song that ended up on a Tim McGraw album.  Who is he? (Chris Janson)

5. When Kane Brown was asked about a possible duet with his new wife, he joked that "you never know."  What is his wife's name? (Katelyn)