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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Will The Long Weekend Help or Hurt Roman?

February 19, 2019

Did the long President's Day Weekend help or hurt Roman in the College of Country Knowledge?

Did his opponent, Karen from Orland Park, have extra time to study up?

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Today's Questions: 

1. This "Small Town Boy" posted a shirtless pic on social media and his fans are in a frenzy over it.  Who is it? (Dustin Lynch)

2. 12 year old Mason Ramsey is headed out on his own tour.  What retail store was he discovered singing in? (WalMart)

3. Jake Owen was awarded the Country Cares Award from St. Jude recently. Where is St. Jude located in? (Memphis)

4. Jason Aldean's wife Britney posted a pic of her young son meeting his baby sister for the first time.  What are the name of the Aldean's two youngest children? (Memphis and Navy)

5. This singer and boyfriend Jason Alwyn haven't been very public with their relationship. They've been dating two years.  Who is the singer? (Taylor Swift)