Roman's College of Country Knowledge

There Is $500 Bucks In The Rolling Jackpot At Stake!

February 21, 2019

There's $500 bucks in the rolling jackpot and listener Jennifer from Palatine says she'd like to use that cash to go on a cruise.

But before she steps onboard that boat, she'll need to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge to earn it!

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Today's Questions:

1. Carly Pearce says that wedding plans are moving along nicely for her.  Who is Carly marrying? (Michael Ray)

2. 9 years ago, this singer became the youngest Grammy winner for her album "Fearless." Who is she? (Taylor Swift)

3. Keith Urban's wife is a huge fan of Maren Morris and has been talking about her on social media.  Who is Keith's wife? (Nicole Kidman)

4. Randy Houser has a new baby due in June.  He also just released an album.  What is the name of that album? (Magnolia)

5. Natalie Maines' ex husband claims she's worth $50 million dollars and is asking for a huge amount of money is spousal support.  What group is Maines the lead singer of? (The Dixie Chicks)